Rock Chick Redemption

Rock Chick Redemption - Kristen Ashley "I'm going to take a shower. You're going to be good, try not to be sexy or freak me out or anything like that. I've got to concentrate, preparing for a formal party is serious business. I don't need distractions." And what's hilarious about that, other than the obvious, is that she wasn't talking to our hero, Hank, but another of the 'boy brigade.' Holy effing hotness. KA does it again. Each time I think that I find something wrong with one of these books, there's that giddy feeling that I get and a voice in the back of my head that says "WHO FREAKIN' CARES?" Example: Every single one of the first three Rock Chicks have had one of the other super hot bad boys give them the half-lidded, sleepy eyed sexy stare and begin to fall in love with them. It serves no other purpose but to freak them out and make their hoo ha tingle. Like my mind says sometimes, "WHO FREAKIN' CARES"? It's a good enough situation to use over and over again. These women have insecurities. Well, hell, just bring them over to the Rock Chicks and let the boys have a go at them. A few tender touches, tons of sexy stares and dizzying moments, and BAM! Even I feel hot, and I'm just reading. Hank is the first in the Rock Chick to feel a bit insecure himself, and it fit perfectly. It was enough to change up the story just a bit and hold off a tiny bit of the confidence that seems to roll off these men in huge, crashing waves. He's the good guy, the boy next door cop who finally decides that there are some shades of gray in life, and he's not afraid to finally explore them when his woman is threatened.Roxanne is a high maintenance Rock Chick running from her past. Her long lost uncle is none other than TEX! Which lends quite a bit of hilarity to the situation. When Roxy (and isn't that a rock chick name?!) runs into Hank, it truly is love at first sight. But she's got the feeling that she's just not good enough for him. When her past follows her to Denver, its a darn good thing she's got the Nightingale boys behind her.Aside from the other secondary characters that I already love, a few more are introduced. This one is just as lively as the first two, and the action starts even sooner. Great read! I'm blowing through these too fast to be believed.