Dark Challenge (Dark, #5)

Dark Challenge (Dark, #5) - Christine Feehan I listened to the audio of this from Overdrive. I remember getting bored with this series a couple of years ago, but this was one of the few titles still immediately available, so I started it.The beginning of the story is really good. Desari (sp?) is a singer with amazing talents. She captures audiences with her haunting voice, and the immensity of her popularity has captured the attention of the ancient Carpathians. Gregori sends Julian Savage to check out the singer and her band. They seem a bit too good to be normal humans, and Gregori wants to ensure their safety. So Julian, a very old Carpathian male who is getting ready to give up on finding his life mate, shows up for one of their concerts. Before he even sees Desari, he can feel her magnetic pull. And that's about where the new/interesting parts end. From there on, this story is so repetitive, both in the story line that sounds almost identical to the first four books in the series, and in the phrases that are uses many, many times. I think if I had heard "choose to greet the dawn," or "hot, wet sheath," or "molten heat" or "he could do no other," I would have had an aneurism. I remember why I stopped reading the series. And I'm confused as to why this series is so popular. And there are like twenty or so books! I can't imagine reading these back to back. Parts of the story were interesting, but I felt as if she could have cut out literally half of the text and I could have rated it at least a three star. As is, there was so much sexual filler and cheesy dialogue between the H/h that I ended up skipping nearly two hours of the play time. And that was after listening to two decently long love scenes. Even if you really dig the sex scenes, these aren't anything special. They read like old eighties romance novels, and didn't really get all that exciting. Less is definitely more sometimes.I do remember reading the first three or so in Christine Feehan's Ghostwalker series, and liking those. They all had very different characters, plotlines, and wording. She'll never be a favorite author of mine, but I can't completely deny her talent. I just don't think this series got the best of it.