White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9)

White Night - Jim Butcher Classic Dresden files book, so it was good. But this read just like about three or four of his other books...**Set in Chicago...again**White Court vamps are evil and the war is ongoing...still**Bob the pervy skull gets a complete intro and helps out with witty candor...**Thomas is hungry and Harry is suspicious of him**Harry STILL doesn't get laidI'm ready for Butcher to move on to a new subject, a new setting, and to settle the score with all of the above. How many times does Bob need an introduction? If someone picks up book nine of a series and expects to understand everything, it's their own damn fault. I don't want to read the same thing nine times!Same with Harry's chivalrous nature. I'm about tired of how Harry has to repeatedly tout his own heroics. Oh, the women and children...save the women and children! Must not see them suffer, even if they are cutting off my good parts and torturing my loved ones. If it's a woman, Harry will tell us, multiple times in the same book, how he can't bring himself to be less than courteous.I think the reason this book bothered me so much was that the last book in the series had a different vibe to it, and I was so very interested the entire time I read it. That book took us to the land of fairy, gave Harry an apprentice, and I felt like it moved the series forward a few steps. So I expected this one to keep moving forward. Not so. It sort of moved backward, and it's annoying. I listened to the audio again...James Marsters does an amazing job. You can hear how into his role he is, and it seems as if he has become more and more Harry Dresden with each installment. I probably should give this more than two stars, but I ended up skimming through soooo much of it, and I really don't feel like I missed anything. I think I could have skipped the entire book and been just fine moving on to the next one. Maybe I need to just give the series a break for awhile so that it's all new again, because at this point, if the next book isn't vastly different, I may give up on Dresden.