Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan, Book 8)

Black Magic Sanction - Kim Harrison Well, I've been waiting for one of the Hollows books to bring a conclusion to the myriad stories being told. All of these secondary charaters...Nick, Trent, Peirce, Ivy, Jenks (and Madalena), the witch council, etc....there are so many people involved with what seems to be a conspiracy to bring down Rachel Morgan!! And for me, Jenks is still the only one on that list that I trust. I KNOW Ivy's a friend, by she's so volatile, and I still see her as being selfish and wishy washy.I do like Pierce. He's proven, and continues to prove, to Rachel that he's there to back Rachel up. Time after time, especially here, he is rock solid steady. Nick shows up, the biggest douche bag of all time. I've never really liked him, and that opinion has been validated time and again. He just continues to break Rachel's heart. Anywho, I was getting bored with the last few bored as you can get reading this series. Even though every time you turn the page, Rachel is either fighting off demons or casting crazy spells, this series has started to blur together for me. Not so with this one! Al and Rachel take some pretty big steps in their relationship as student and teacher. I like how Al is an evil demon but he's not ALL evil. He proves it in this book. Both the evil and the not-so-evil. I like how he has stayed in the picture and seems to have a sort of affection for Rachel; albeit a selfish one.The end was GREAT! Really, the last two or three scenes were simply fantastic...wrapping up the story nicely, booting some mean ass people out of the series and setting up for the next few books nicely. I think the story has finally taken a turn and I'm really excited to get to it!!I 'read' the audiobook from Overdrive. The narrator was pretty good...she has now become my inner voice for Rachel!