Otherwise Alone

Otherwise Alone - Shay Savage Well, I'm fairly certain that I have a new author to gush about. After reading [b:Surviving Raine|17447588|Surviving Raine (Surviving Raine, #1)|Shay Savage|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1367074353s/17447588.jpg|24329102] recently and sticking it directly onto my favorites shelf, I just wasn't sure what to expect from this short teaser short story/novella. My synopsis:Evan is a hit man in hiding. Stuck in a tiny shack in the Arizona desert, he's been living for three months with no modern conveniences that can't be run with a gas powered generator. It's hot, it'd dry, and Evan is ready to move along. Until he sees her...Walking toward him on the hot, dangerous, lonely road one morning is a young woman. Instead of shooting her simply for annoying him, he decides to do the right thing and help her. Circumstances being what they are, and after Evan's observation skills are used fairly well, he begins to put together a picture of what led Lia to his little shack...and the picture isn't pretty. My thoughts:Not often that a fifty page story has my five star finger twitching, but this one sure did. I must say that I'd have been amazingly bummed had I not had the next (and significantly longer) novel awaiting my leisure.For some reason, I immediately saw Chris Evans as Evan: And Mila Kunis as Lia: This author does a fantastic male point of view...I think the male POV romance books are all the rage right now, and I can't even tell you how much I love them. I get so damn tired of whiny girls sometimes, stupid girls who make stupid decisions that add drama to the story. That is NOT what you get with a Shay Savage hero or heroine. Mostly because her heroes are pretty hard core...they won't take that crap from a girl...in OR out of the bedroom. The sex? Smoking hot, yes it is...Evan likes it rough, and he likes to be in charge. He's great at observing his lover and catering to her needs as well as his own.Not to mention that while this story was all about a man on the verge of ass hole-ish who reluctantly helps a woman before returning to his job as a paid killer, this is very much a romance. Not a lot of time to see the fruits of his labor yet, but I have a feeling poor Evan has a hard road ahead of him...this one ended on a bit of a cliffie, but BOY was it a great start!!