Fire and Ice

Fire And Ice - Anne Stuart Jilly and Reno finally got their story! After the heated looks and withheld longing during Taka's book, I was really looking forward to this one.Reno, Reno...what can I say? He's always been the bad boy. Well, now he's the BAD A$$ boy, and I fell in instant lust. Long, red tipped hair, leather and a motorcycle (a Harley, not one of those puny crotch rockets), and last but not least, his bad-itude. He knows how awesome he is. He's not boastful, but he IS arrogant. He's also Japanese, which is different when it comes to the race of hero that I normally read about. But exotic to me turned out very nicely indeed!!Jilly is the perfect match for him. From the first time we meet her, we know that she can take pretty good care of herself and that she doesn't scare easily. One too many bad guys are after her now, trying to lure Taka and Reno out of hiding. But not if Reno has anything to say about that. He's been warned to stay away from Jilly years ago. Now he's being forced to keep her alive, and the sexual tension is too much to resist.While Anne Stuart's other books were very sexy, this one was amped up a notch, in my opinion. The chemistry between Jilly and Reno is off the charts, and it's clearly inevitable that these two need to work off their sexual frustrations.I love this series, I love this author. I'm continually amazed that anyone could give these a so-so rating but accounting for poor taste. Kidding, kidding. There's just something about this particular author that flat out does it for me. Her heroes are the perfect mix of standoffish, rough, and supremely sexual...with just a smidge of tender thrown toward their women, and a whole lot of possessive once they finally give in to the inevitable bonding. I'm snatching up every single backlist book that I can find of Anne Stuarts. It's become my obsession.