When He Was Wicked (Bridgerton Series #6)

When He Was Wicked - Julia Quinn This is a beautiful and touching book. Michael and Francesca's story was not as lighthearted as the other Bridgerton sibling's books. While I did get frustrated with Francesca at times, overall, I was so engaged in both characters that any frustration was overshadowed by the delight of seeing their relationship develop. This is how lovers should begin, by building on a friendship, and letting the rest come naturally. Although this was a heartbreaking story at times, I do want to mention that the love scenes are some of the hottest that I've read in historical romance in awhile. Whew! I think some authors tend to downplay passion, especially in the regency time period, but these pages were smokin'!Overall, I loved this book! One of my faves of the series so far.