Vanilla on Top

Vanilla on Top - C.J. Ellisson "Who knew being an emotionally unavailable bitch would be such a turn on for some men?I imagine most men would be okay with the role reversal shown here in this book...unexpected and titillating public sex after meeting for two minutes? Um, yeah!However, this is not conducive to a romance.And that was my big problem with this book. Everything these two do leads to sex. Every scene they are in leads to sex...every argument, phone call, date, simple conversation leads to sex. I did expect there to be a lot of sex, but I also expected for these two to become a solid couple, and I don't see how that was possible in their situation. Heather starts out asserting her dominating side over Tony when he laments always being in charge in life. He wants someone else to make the decisions for once, and Heather decides that she wants to take control of this aspect of her life. It made for a cute setup, but Heather and Tony continue in this same vein for nearly the rest of the book. Even when it's clear that they are actually two very different people in real life, and they don't just act like this in the bedroom.It was just awkward and messy for me. Tony and Heather didn't seem real, their reactions were sometimes over the top (Ex: Heather's best friend playfully calls her a dominatrix and Heather flips the bitch switch, Tony stalks Heather in a club because too many men are looking at her) and things just felt weird. I admit to skimming most of the last fifteen percent or so, which is where I'm assuming these two become more "real" with each other, but I was ready to be done. The writing itself was fine, the characterization was what left me wanting.