Rock Chick Rescue

Rock Chick Rescue - Kristen Ashley Aaaand, we're back to why I love KA so much. Though Ms. Ashley strayed a bit from her usual heroine with Jet, there was still so much to love about her. Since she was fourteen, she's taken care of everyone but herself. She's basically supported her mom and sister emotionally and monetarily since her dad took off. Now, her sister lives in California and her Mom had a stroke. Jet moves in with her mom to once again take care of her, and is working herself to exhaustion day and night just to try to get by. She doesn't have a single second to spare, especially for someone like Eddie, who seems to take up a lot of her time just thinking about him.Who could take a name like Eddie and make it sound sexy? This author can! Gimme that sexy Spanish accent calling me (okay, Jet) carina and I'm a melty puddle of goo, right next to Jet on the floor. "He has a lean body made up of compact, defined muscles and he's one of those guys who makes whatever he wears look the bomb, instead of one of those guys who looks like he was trying to be the bomb in what he wears."Mmmmhmmm, I know what you're saying. I fell in love with both Jet and Eddie from page eight, when she starts listing off their first encounters and her subsequent bouts of stupidity in the face of Eddie's hotness. But you can tell the whole time that each time Jet slips up, Eddie falls harder for her. For nearly the entire book, she just can't understand what a guy like Eddie is doing with a girl like her. In fact, Eddie even says, multiple times, "You just don't see it, do you?" And my GOODNESS, can this man talk! "Since I'm being honest with you, Chiquita, I'll tell you that I usually play with what I want until I feel the time is right to move in. The time was right with you a long fuckin' time ago but you've been so focused on your own shit, you gave me no opening. This hasn't been fast. You want to see fast, we'll go into the bedroom and I'll show you fast but I'll show it to you slow."Just a little taste of Eddie, there. One thing that I noticed about this series so far is that the plain talking so prevalent in the Colorado Mountain series is still there, but waaay toned down. It's not hard to read the male dialogue. And KA doesn't use a dictionary/thesaurus to write. I think that's why its so easy to connect with her characters. You could be talking to your (really hot) neighbor or (sexy as hell) friend's brother. Of course, Tex and the gang from Fortnums is back, as well as the studly crew of law enforcement and secretive gang of hotness. I can tell already that Mace is going to be one of my flavorite boys. There is a scene in here with Mace that breaks my heart and heats me up, all at the same time. I'm telling you, in the middle of my Eddie worship, I wanted to stop and just skip to Mace's story. Really. PLEASE tell me Mace gets a story. Please. I'm done now, and where I usually take a break after two series books in a row, I don't think its possible with this series. I'm smitten, by all of the men in this series. Each is so different, yet still retain that uber-possessive alpha streak that grabs ahold of me. Yummy, yumm! I am so freakin' stoked to get to the rest of this series!