The Stranger I Married

The Stranger I Married - Sylvia Day 4.5 starsI was ridiculously surprised at how much I loved this book. I think for those who read this expecting a run of the mill Historical Romance will be shocked at the language and amount of sex. But if you can go into it with an open mind and know that it is much more erotic than the norm, you'll realize that there is a new level of intimacy here... one that I don't often read in romances set even in modern times, let alone in regency romance. Sex is written about in so many different ways. Not often do I come across an author that makes a couple truly connect during the act as well as Ms. Day did with Grayson and Isabel. Maybe because they were such good friends, knew each other and loved each other as friends, endured tragedy and weathered the rigid structure of society together. Somehow, I felt the intimacy so much more deeply than I'm used to. Their passion for one another sizzled. Isabel was cheated on by her first husband, and she simply doesn't trust the younger Grayson. Their marriage of convenience originated from a need to be free to conduct their sexual affairs without expectations from their lovers. Their friendship endured because they didn't sleep with each other, just shared their home. When Grayson's life is suddenly struck by tragedy, he disappears for years. During his absence, he evaluates his life and comes back changed...and wanting more from Isabel than she's willing to risk. She can't let herself fall in love with her husband. But my goodness, is Grayson convincing!! Their dialogue in the heat of the moment was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Grayson is so passionate, and not afraid to let Isabel feel his passion."Is this all we have?""Isabel...""More""Damn you," Gray muttered finally, his fingers digging painfully into her flesh. "Can I ever pump deep enough? Can I ever fuck you enough? Sate you enough? Will I ever be enough?"Grayson is anguished, aching for Isabel to love him back. He woos and loves and romances her, and God I loved every second of it! He just unabashedly chases after his wife. The wait is worth it, I swear!!! I loved this couple! Recommended for HR lovers who like a little extra steam...or a lot of extra. There was a LOT of sex in this book, but I never got the feeling of it being too much. Isabel and Grayson are both extremely sexual people, and it is their only way of truly connecting with each other before they finally learn how to be in love. Loved it, loved it!!!!