Starfish and Coffee

Starfish and Coffee - Kele Moon "Alex realized then that the island wasn't his home; it never had been. Matt was his home..."An un-putdownable gem from Kele Moon! This story starts out in the present day, with Alex somewhat contentedly working in the restaurant he owns and runs with this best (girl) friend. An ordinary day in the life of a simple man, until Matt walks in. Matt, the only man Alex ever truly felt for, and not only the one who got away, but the one he pushed away, the one who lives in his dreams and nightmares, the one that stars in all his regrets... Quickly, the reader is thrown back into the past, with Alex, the poor orphan kid living with his brother and best friend, happily working as a cook during the day and partying all night, occasionally making a trip to Key West for random hookups with random guys. And Matt, the island rich kid in training to take over his father's fortune 500 company, takes a bet to work a grunge job for two weeks. Alex is gay, Matt is curiously turned on by the hottie working the flat top. And the two begin a fast sexual frenzy that turns into a surprisingly natural, loving relationship. But Matt only has one year of freedom from his future responsibilities. And Alex must deal with his consuming love for a man that is way out of his league...a man with big goals, even bigger responsibilities, and a huge hold from his family. Alex makes a very bad...and very sad...decision that effects both he and Matt for the next six years... This was, quite simply, captivating. Though the pace was somewhat slow, the overall tone is a sexually charged yet intimate story of two good people who are exact opposites. Yet they are exactly right for each other. "It was the sexiest, most exciting, but unbelievably low maintenance relationship Matt had ever been in..."I literally cried my way through about the last thirty percent of this book...not huge sobbing ugly tears, but the kind of tears that make your eyes blurry. My heart was heavy, it was broken, along with Matt's and Alex'. "We're gonna play pretend", Alex said, his lips trailing up to Matt's ear."Oh, fuck." Matt's voice dripped with both desire and sadness. "No, no, no. Don't-""We're gonna pretend that day never happened," Alex went on, trying desperately to hold himself together. "That we have forever."Holy geez, it just doesn't get much sexier than this, either. Swallow your tongue sexy. And just what I needed right now. If you like M/M but, like me, are surprised at how PG-13 a lot of M/M reads are, this is a good one for you! It goes on my M/M sexy shelf, and also my favorites!"For just a moment, Matt felt like he could taste the essence of true love, the sheer joy of finding the other half of his sol in another..."