Spent - Logan Belle If there's one thing you get from this series, it's that loving takes work. It's not always an easy road. In this final installment to this serial novel series, we finally get some closure and answers. Connie has mentally been on a downhill, self deprecating roller coaster since she took the plunge with her intense fitness instructor, Mellars. Despite the lust that consumes her whenever she's in his presence, she still fiercely loves her longtime boyfriend Cliff. But the insecurities and loneliness brought on by his seeming abandonment of her have certainly taken their toll. No matter what, the cheating factor is a huge no-no for me, but this author does a wonderful job of taking this subject matter and still making me feel sympathy for Connie. What she's doing isn't right, but it IS easy to understand.Cliff is finally starting to understand what he's getting ready to lose in Connie as he feels her pulling away from him not only physically but emotionally as well. Finally! Outside forces are still at work also as Cliff's selfish assistant works her evil deeds behind the scene. This chick is a real piece of work, but I'll say on that front that I got a little satisfaction on this subject....Ivy doesn't get away with everything!I was also very satisfied with the ending, though I really didn't know what to expect before I picked up this last installment. These two were both so misguided, and their relationship was hard to root for at the beginning. Yet I came to care for everyone involved, and I think this author did a marvelous job with this story. Let's hope her next work is a full length novel.