Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick I'm sad to say that this series is starting to fall flat for me. I never got the feeling that Nora was immature and selfish and whiny until this book. I've never been all that ga-ga over Patch either, but I liked them as a couple. I felt like they complimented each other.The fact that Nora has lost her memory means that a lot of this book is flashbacks, recaps, and moments of confusion mixed with moments of epiphany that seemed to come at oddly convenient moments. The whole mind control thing seemed hokey...possibly because people who had been 'mind tricked' all acted like they were drugged and made pointed, hinting comments that seemed to fly right over Nora's head. Not to seem rude, but Nora just seemed stupid in this book, and it's frustrating because she never seemed that way before.Patch seemed so indifferent to Nora throughout most of the book, and I was actually quite unconvinced that he wanted to be with her. A past pseudo-love interest seemed like a better candidate to me but alas...he doesn't have wings, so he's not good enough. The ending felt forced and I honestly laughed out loud after the climax was over and the big dah DAH daaaaah!!!!! moment was revealed at the end. Seriously, Nora is now the Black Hand? A sixteen year old girl leading an ARMY of bloodthirsty, savage warriors against evil? What. Ever. I just don't buy it. The last forty pages were the most exciting part of the book, up until the last two negated them with it's cheese.I have the Final(e) book sitting right next to me, but I don't know if I want to read it or not. Honestly, its the last book and I hate to leave the series unfinished. Please, someone let me know if there is some redeeming quality in the last book. Or if by my scathing review here, you can tell I should just leave it.