The Devil You Know - Victoria Vane And here we get to the meat of this mini-series. The man I waited for...Ludovic DeVere! This book wasn't nearly as lighthearted as the precious two...though the steam factor was turned up a notch! I actually love how the author has laid out the time line for this series. During books one and two, we get little snippets of DeVere and a know there is a tension there, and it builds little bits at a time. During book two, it is much more obvious, and Diana is so cold. She seems as if she's completely opposite of DeVere. He is unapologetic-ally lascivious. He literally revels in sin and wickedness. Diana, while not particularly stuffy, seems fairly straight laced and...well...normal! And here we are, getting that background on these two. Though I expected there to have been something sexual, I didn't expect the emotions. You mean to tell me, Ms. Vane, that Ludovic has some vulnerabilities? Some tenderness buried under all of that outer playboy? Though I suppose tenderness isn't exactly the right word for it, I was really surprised to find that Ludovic has emotions. So it's as if this portion of their lives has had the door closed on it. I felt, as a reader, that I got the entire story. That part of their life is finished. They are no longer the same people. Thank goodness they still have another 140 pages or so in order to fall into each others arms!I am so very, very glad that I noticed this book showing up on my feed from multiple friends. So many little gems get easily overlooked, and I'm lucky that this wasn't one of those for me. I snatched it up and am hopelessly addicted!! I'm moving on to finish Diana and DeVere's refreshingly potent love story.