Lucky Charm - Carly Phillips 2.5 stars. Listened to the audiobook. The narrator was no bueno. This sounds ridiculous, but I just didn't like her voice. I think she would be better narrating mystery or horror. As for this one, it felt like my mom was reading me a romance...can you say uncomfortable? So this may have colored my view of the actual story.This was okay, but easily forgettable. The whole curse thing was sort of hokey, and it was a major part of the storyline. The entire town is basically superstitious enough to believe that Mary Perkins, the town mayor, has the power to curse anyone if they don't do her bidding. The Corwin family males have been the focus of her curse. They perpetuate the myth that they will not find love or fortune by never falling in love or striving for success. There was a little bit of suspense, a whodunnit type of thing. The romance was predictable, sort of sweet but nothing special.