Slow going but Ah!! The plot twist!!!

The False Prince (Ascendance Trilogy Series #1) -

This one is most definitely written for young adults. I didn't do a lot of research on it, just saw it available from my library's digital site and wanted a fantasy story.

I think expectations played a lot into my lack of enthusiasm for this. I'm not sure why this is labeled fantasy other than it's not written with real places in mind. It's more medieval fiction, in my humble opinion. There is nothing really fantastical about magic, no strange creatures, nothing like that. Just old times and swords and kings and false princes.

Sage, the main character, is pretty much a bratty kid for the majority of the book. His behavior is explained later on in the story, but he was hard to relate to for me. He has an odd sense of honor, and it wasn't readily apparent for quite some time. However, his strength of conviction, once outed, was admirable.

I was, quite frankly, uninterested until the last twenty percent or so. PLOT TWIST!!!

And it added some much needed purpose to the story. Up until this point, I was quite ready to go with two stars, but finally the reason for the story falls into place...the true plot is revealed, and some much needed direction grabbed my interest. I will definitely read the next installment now that I see what's coming!

I "read" the audiobook. The narrator, Charlie McWade, was fantastic!