Seriously sexy but serial...

The Dare - Karin Tabke

I snatched this one up for free when it was thrown in my direction. I've had a couple of paranormal romances by this author for awhile and have heard amazing things. After reading this, I can see the allure. This woman can drag you into the story in a page or two...and talk about setting up a naughty, titillating story and delivering a scorching hot sexy times! Yes, I was sweating it out for nearly this entire book. Hot, hot, HOT!!!!


However, I will say that I'm somewhat bummed about the page limit to each installment in this series. Sure, I got this book for free. Next 100 pages is $2.99, with two more installments in the works. At regular price, this regularly sized book (a tad on the long side, for sure) will end up costing about $12.00. I will only spend that much on an ebook that I've been DYING to read from one of my TOP favorite authors in the world. In fact, I'll likely just go buy the REAL book so that I can share it with friends. Granted, this isn't quite the typical two chapter serial that's been coming out lately but still.

That being said, it definitely seems as if this book was written to be broken up like this...the stopping point for this installment was a pretty comfortable place to pause.

Back to the book...I will most definitely make sure to read the books by Karin Tabke that I already have. This chick can write, and her ratings show it. Will I be purchasing the next installments in this series? I'm ridiculously tempted, because this sh*t is GOOD sh*t...we shall see. I really want some more of this sexy cop and his tentative new lover.