Not the most memorable Psy-Changeling book

Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh

I had waited almost two years to read this book. Knowing any book that followed Kiss of Snow would likely disappoint and all... and dang it, I was right. I thing this may have been Singh's thoughts as well (not that I presume to speak for her) as this just felt very much like a transition book.


Riaz and Adria's story felt somewhat cheated. What was there was okay. Riaz recently found out that his mate is already married to the love of her life. Instead of continuing to live in Europe and live with the agony of knowing his fated mate is with another man, he comes home to the Snow Dancer pack. There he meets Adria, a lieutenant. There is an immediate attraction between them, but Riaz feels nothing but misplaced guilt when he thinks of this headstrong female that makes him feel forbidden desires.

"You're not a woman I'll ever want in my bed."
Adria could feel her face burning, the heat blistering, but she didn't run off, tail between her legs. "Can't get much clearer than that."


Harsh? Yes. But wait...

"Dance with me." It came out harsh, crushed rocks in his throat.
Adria wrenched away her arm, shuddering at the contact. "I don't think that'd be a good idea." Riaz was a drug her body craved - and like all addictive substances, he was not good for her.
"Scared?" Eyes gone night - glow.
"No," she said, her own wolf rising to the fore. "I just happen to have some self respect."

Meanwhile, Adria us trying to get over her own failed relationship with a submissive male. Everyone told her that they wouldn't work together, but she forged on and spent years in a partnership that dragged her down and made her lose herself.

So the couple of the story fight each other for awhile, and although I was satisfied with their outcome, I really did feel as if they were just a pause in the order of things, garnering a little more info on Kaleb Krychek and giving us a LOT more of Hawke and Sienna. That was a definite plus...I have a feeling that the issues that Sienna has with Ming are far from over.

The Psy war is just really starting, so much happens on that front. Still, I feel as if this book is mostly about gearing up for what's to come. My three stars is because Singh's world continues to fascinate me, the lack of more stars because this was an easily forgettable book.