Sexy Commando proves his love of family...

Sweet Revenge (Sins Brothers, #2) - Rebecca Zanetti


I am really enjoying this series. I love the slight paranormal's nothing too over the top...more sci-fi, actually, with these genetically modified commando brothers rebelling against the evil secret government team that created them.

Matt is the oldest brother, and therefore has always felt responsible for his three younger siblings. The supposed death of the youngest brother, Jory, hit him very hard. Since Shane admitted to thinking he saw evidence that Jory was alive, Matt has been fighting against all hope, trying to be realistic about their situation. And right now, his main objective is to track down the doctor that implanted the microchips near their spines...the devices set to explode in six weeks, severing their spinal cords and ending the Gray brothers.

So Matt tracks the lady doctor to the town of Charmed and narrows down the possible candidates. His entrance into town is, of course, somewhat unorthodox...stumbling into the bar with a knife slash across his torso is a good way to gain unwanted attention. Fortunately, he gains the attention of the lovely, kindhearted, but somewhat reclusive bar owner, Laney Jacobs.

Laney has been running from her past as well, and she has secrets to rival those of Matt. These two embark on a sexy little journey of love, lust, hidden identities, and life-altering secrets. Matt fights his feelings because not only is he fated to die soon, but because his focus needs to be on saving his brothers. Laney fights the mutual attraction because she instinctively knows that Matt is a man who brings danger to her world, and if there's one thing that she's had enough of in her life, it's danger.

I love the familial aspect in this series. Since book one, when Shane reunited with his wife, all of the brother took her into the fold and now consider her one of their own. I just love that...I adore the protective side of a soldier, that innate sense of responsibility for those around them, the deep seated need to protect those that they consider theirs. Zanetti does it well here, not to mention some very spicy sexy times and long stretches of action that made it hard to stop reading. I am now completely invested in these characters and hoping against all hope that we get a fourth book...because that means that not only does Nate get a book (talk about dropping a bomb on that guy!) but also that Jory somehow made it out of his deadly predicament.

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