Not so erotic erotica :(

Relentless - Anna Wells

I can see the appeal of this book for a lot of people but it just wasn't for me. Too many overused erotic tropes thrown into one book. It starts out a year after Michaela and Jordan's fiancee/girlfriend are caught in bed together. Since then, these two have become very close friends and have been hanging out together a lot. Jordan wants more, Michaela is oblivious. One night, they both get a little tipsy and one thing leads to get the idea.


So Jordan is "Relentless" about winning Michaela over and claiming her as his in the romantic sense. He has a big, huge secret that a year of friendship and many, many, MANY obvious clues aren't enough to give it away to Michaela. He's not even really that sneaky about it, so I wasn't convinced that this aspect was feasible.

The sex was pretty formulaic and lacked...ease...for lack of a better word. It just didn't feel real. It felt like a bunch of erotic novel's bits and pieces stuck together. The sensuality and passion just fell flat for me.

Editing...usually not a huge deal for me but it truly needed a heavy handed editor or at least some beta readers to pick through it.

I think had this story slowed down a bit, maybe if we could have gotten a more in depth look at the protagonists, I could have enjoyed it more. As it is, I just felt no the characters, the story, OR the sex.
Advance copy provided by the publisher for review